2’s, 3’s, and 4’s

10269454_1404837043127635_3486536521567032453_nAll children will participate in arts and crafts daily to help them explore their natural inner creativity! Children will delve into a wide range of media including paint, crayons, markers, beads, glitter, and more to unleash their imaginations.10294378_1404837039794302_8716618944210638654_n

Students will also enjoy music class held twice a week where children are invited to explore a variety of instruments as well as ribbons, hula hoops, dancing, yoga, and much more. This is a filler class with no set schedule on calendar; it varies weekly due to weather and themes, but will always allow students to use listening skills, explore their natural creativity, develop gross and fine motor skills, and just let them be a child and have FUN!

Share is also held once a week where children are able to bring one item from home to share with their friends and classmates. This helps to encourage vocabulary, speech, focus, listening and commun10857990_1508113712799967_1095685094791004121_nication skills in a fun and interactive classroom experience. Share also provides an exciting and enjoyable way to help your child build confidence and independence!






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